without pictures

i’ve been holding in my heart a few things i wanted to write about. but it just seems a bit odd to post a story without the pictures. will you be able to see what happened with only my words? some of the most important things that happen in our life don’t have pictures. we’re too busy living the experience to bother with a camera. and that’s as it should be. i reach for the camera when things are quiet otherwise. but sometimes that leaves me wishing i had something to share.

in the middle of December we had visitors. first came the Layton family. good friends who fill up our house with children and conversation and wine. it is such a treat for us to get to share time with those five kids. to tell stories, to hear theirs. i had a stack of books that i thought might interest one or another of them. and then things happen by accident too. Clara found a calligraphy dip pen. so we got out the paints and she practiced writing. that meant we got a few other paintings as well. last night Mabel sat on the floor with all of the painting spread out around her. she looked carefully at each one. i can’t wait to go visit them in the spring. then we get the kids and the wine and i get to eat good food made by Jess too!

Tim came by on his way up North. we shared warm mugs of spiced wine and then walked over to the pub for dinner. we sat at a perfect table where we could be comfortable while Mabel could play and couldn’t get too far. it was the kind of visit that leaves you wanting more. more talk, more time to just be together. i love that we live close enough that he can just pop in. that by itself makes the move worthwhile.

finally Dianne and Jacob visited twice. the two littles play well together. or next to each other. they can spend an evening together with little conflict, little reason for mamas to stop their talk and offer some help. it’s easy to be with these two. comfortable.

our house was full as fall tilted toward winter. and now the afternoons are getting lighter. buds are on the bare trees. we wait in hope.

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