an extra day! what a boon! a free day! exclamation points abound!

it just makes me so excited. another day. a reprieve. breathing room. and right in the middle of the winter when we need it most. and it’s called Leap Day. doesn’t that just make you want to jump? doesn’t that sound like a just about perfect day for children–a day to jump and hop and skip and leap. a day for frogs and rabbits and kangaroos.

how will you spend your day? you won’t get another Leap Day for a few years, so spend extravagantly! i’d love to hear your plans. as for us…we made brownies and read a beautiful book called D is for Drinking Gourd to celebrate Black History Month. later today we might go visit the day old chicks across the St Johns Bridge at Linnton Seed and Feed. then we’re headed to Phathaya Thai for dinner. then a walk back home through the park before the sun goes down.

p.s. there is a clump of daffodils that have already bloomed in the middle of our sunny garden patch. grace! i wonder who planted them. i wonder if they could have imagined just how good it is to see them.


  1. I like your links, too. I just investigated the map that came with the Thai restaurant and found your street! Do you ride the bus there? How did you ever discover the seed and feed store?

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