reading circle

do you know this book? i have been reading and using the More With Less cookbook for years. the oatmeal cake is one of my standards for celebrating. it’s not too sweet, and it’s moist without loads of butter. well, come to find out the author, Doris Janzen Longacre, also wrote and edited this book about the ways in which people are actually living out the ideas hinted at in the cookbook. ideas about living within our means, living with the rest of the world in mind, living as if our personal choices mattered in this world.

i just got the book on interlibrary loan. which means i had to be finished with it in three short weeks. and really it’s the sort of book that going to be doing it’s work on you for a while. then Mrs. Pivec at Golightly Place wrote a lovely review of the book and invited her readers along for a study group. sounds like a great idea to me. would you like to join along? we’re starting on Mother’s Day, but i’m sure you could catch up. let me know, ok?

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