here’s the first ever meme that i’ve completed: put the answer to the question in a search at flickr, then make a mosaic. AP told me that meme rhymes with seem. how do you find these things out? pretty and pretty fun…

1. your first name? Kortney (which makes a bunch of porn star pictures come up. and this sweet picture of me and my girl just 10 days old.)
2. favorite food? pastry
3. high school? it was called Gospel Light
4. favorite color? blue
5. celebrity crush? Michael Stipe
6. favorite drink? coffee
7. dream vacation? i said Africa. though these girls could live in Saramaka
8. favorite dessert? cake
9. what do you want to be when you grow up? wise
10. what do you love most in life? i said Mabel…and picked this picture of a long-legged girl reading because she could be my girl in 20 years. but i love reading in bed myself.
11. one word to describe me? crazy
12. my flickr name? one deep drawer

i’m going to post here each day this month. or try.

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