our mornings have a predictable rhythm about them. we wake up and have coffee and watch Mister Rogers if it’s early. then AP gets ready for school. i might take a shower too if there’s time. goodbyes and kisses and waving from the window. then an hour or so when Mabel plays and i might do dishes or work on the computer. then she heads for a nap, nursing and then bouncing on the big red ball.

when she wakes up, she’s ready to get dressed and really start her day. she wakes up silly and hungry and open to whatever i’ve got going. today she helped me peel tomatilloes for chili verde. once she saw what needed to be done, she jumped right in. she peeled; i cut. and the work didn’t go faster. but it sure was sweeter. i love the plain happiness she gets from doing what there is to do. each morning she puts her hand to a task: watering, cooking, reading, drinking tea. and i get to share this time with her.

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