last night our cat was acting strange. but we have sort of a strange cat. something about being rescued from a dumpster when you are tiny makes a cat not quite right. anyhow, she was jumpy and even hissed a few times at the window. but we couldn’t see anything. and then we saw this:

there he stood at the door like our long lost pet. there was no fear in this animal. i think he really was waiting for me to open the door so that he could come in. he played on the porch for a good bit. he was real fond of the Nerf basketball.

at one point he had the ball, the black cat purse, and one of Mabel’s Dora shoes in his hands. there was no way he was leaving with that shoe. i would make sure of it. thankfully, he decided to leave the loot and find somewhere else to play.


  1. Oh my goodness! Now that was a blog entry from heaven. Trev was amazed to see the basketball he played with being devoured. I’m glad he left the other stuff behind. Did Mabel see it? Who is this powerball lottery anyway?

  2. i was thinking the same thing (both about mabel’s reaction and the powerball). jonas still remembers in detail a very similar scene on our deck when he was under two. frightening for him.

  3. i think powerball might have been spam…

    M was sound asleep. the coon came at 10 pm. i almost woke her up. just having the half-eaten ball and seeing the pictures is enough though!

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