our new bed!

this is our new bed! can you see how absolutely large it is? a twin right next to a full. so much room! i (for one) sleep so much better. and i was the biggest complainer, so that’s good. right now were sleeping on the bed sort of sideways…our heads where the pillow is in the picture, instead of where the window is. it is just perfect as far as i can tell.

shopping for a new bed is a strange experience. so intimate, yet so public. the salesmen were a bit unsettled that our main concern was how high the bed was, so that it would fit nicely next to the bed we already have…not quite 18 inches, please! i know that we’re not the only people with this set up, but apparently you don’t tell the whole truth to the salesman. he was confused when i said the bed was for Mabel, but that i would probably do my share of sleeping on it. what? a parent in bed with a child? it did not compute.

i found the most beautiful sheets for this new bed at the Salvation Army. delicate wildflowers on a white ground. someone (a mama, a grandma, someone full of care for the girl sleeping in these sheets) sewed a tiny ruffle of pink lace on the edge of the top sheet. we are so thankful that our girl will be able to snuggle in deep with sheets that have such love in them.

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