graduate school

it seems like everyone i know is working on their Masters in something neat. a doctorate studying how children are motivated in school…a masters studying the philosophy of science…don’t those just sound so interesting. i’m so glad to know people who are doing advanced studies in such interesting fields, so glad that my child can know them too. i want them to make me a reading list so that i can do my own study.

another friend who used to live just down the river from us is studying early childhood education. again, reading list please! he also works at a Piaget-influenced play based preschool. it’s all got me thinking. here are some questions i’d ask if we were together sharing some tuna fritters and Parbo:

  1. what’s Piaget all about beyond the theory of different stages of development? what does his influence look like in the preschool classroom?
  2. what are the differences and strengths of the play based model compared with Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Cavalletti?
  3. what would your ideal preschool look like?
  4. what’s the newest thought in the field of ECE?
  5. what about not sending kids out at a young age? what about universal preschool?
  6. are kids at school too long?
  7. what the difference between early childhood development and early childhood education?
  8. what’s the role of experts in early childhood? does mama know best?
  9. is teaching social skills–how to stand in line, wait their turn, clock in at the factory–a goal?

can you hear my bias? that’s ok. i really would love to talk some about these questions or any you might raise!


  1. Oh, Korty, I wish I could answer any of these questions! Ask me again in a couple of years.

    Tuna fritters and Parbo, though… that I can give you answers about.

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