how many library books do you have checked out?

i was only just beginning to read this post from Ann at Holy Experience about why their family homeschools when she mentioned that they have 100 books checked out from the library. that sounded to my ears like a lot.  but she has 6 kids who learn at home.

then i checked my card…right now i have 52 items out. and (for a few more days!) i have 1 child. this could get really far out of hand very quickly.

a little further on Ann says, “I really believe that a curious mother and a library card can offer a stellar education.” and i guess that’s what i believe too! curious? check! library card? check! stellar education? already underway!

and look at this pile of books…it’s from late January of 2006. Mabel had just been conceived. Julie and Julia was a disappointment. but i could return to the other three! and i just might.


  1. I have 39 items checked out, and 40 on hold (yay for the Mult. Co. homeschooler’s library card, which lets you put lots of extra items on hold and also check them out for 6 weeks.) The girls and I are reading the chapter book Caesar’s Antlers, about a reindeer in Norway and his adventures.

  2. oh, yeah, I wanted to add that in college, my capstone project was on Avian Cognition, and The Mind of the Raven is one of my favorite books. Have you read The Alex Studies by Irene Pepperberg?

  3. avian cognition! amazing! one of my favorite bird books is called Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. great crow stories.

    i use AP’s educator card when my 15 hold spots are full…but i get funny looks when i check out baby name books on it!

    do you know the Cobble Street Cousins series? excellent read aloud.

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