twenty eight

how art can save your life…

last spring when the babe was still new and we lived down in San Diego, our friend Troy came to visit us. he was working on a mural and wanted some inspiration. so he traveled all over, went to Mexico, looked at the murals in Chicano Park. he also spent time just pulling books off our shelves and reading, time drinking coffee and liquor, time playing with the baby, time taking us shopping with his EBT card. it helped light a fire under us again to see his drive, his passion, even his frustration with his art. it made us both want to draw more.

…i wrote that last December. and now we have a new little one who is comfortable in Troy’s arms. and a whole new set of plans and ideas to work on together. it just amazes me how some people in this world always seem to make life bigger, always seem to make us want to reach out more, try more, do more. and that is so good.

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