a thousand gifts

Ann at Holy Experience has been counting her blessings.  and that got me thinking and writing about mine.  i didn’t think i’d share my list here.  it’s quietly growing between the pages of my little leaf journal.  but this taste of my thanks this past Saturday seemed ripe for sharing.


a fresh breeze

a good bed (Grandpa Dwight’s!)

a washing machine at my house

cloth diapers

Carolann’s example…in so many places

air in my lungs

the wind chime from Kurt

the spirit blowing through us in these last days

new breath, first breath

the quickening of Nicolas

seed + sun + rain

farmers who grow our food

good neighbors to share and grow with

good friends to lighten burdens

good children to spur us on to good works

i’ve also been using our daily 20 things over at flickr as a way of re-membering and blessing and thanking

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