a few announcements for this last weekend of summer…

  • our friends, Don and Sarah and Abigail, are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia.  they are having a garage sale to help raise the needed money.  good stuff at good prices for a really good cause.
  • the swifts are flying every night at sundown.  if you are in or around Portland, this is a wonder not to be missed.  (i’ve even seen them a few nights above our house!)
  • still reading Isaiah 58 each day.  looking toward beginning to read the hours.
  • and i can’t remember what the last thing was.  rest assured, it was very important.


  1. that’s interesting, kort. i have the Divine Hours sitting by my bed, waiting for the first week of October so i can begin it again. i don’t own the summer book, but i have the others, so i am looking forward to opening them up again. such beautiful prayers.

  2. tonia–i got the Divine Hours by way of a recommendation from Ann at Holy Experience…there’s also a book of children’s prayers and a memoir by the same author on hold at our library! i, too, have been waiting for October 1, the true beginning of a new season for me.

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