reminders from Rahima

april 09 023

this weekend i spent a morning listening to Rahima Baldwin speak about bringing harmony to our homes.  she is a gentle, down to earth woman with no pretension.  she laughs easily and said that she made every mistake in the book with her own children, and that’s why she had written the book You Are Your Child’s First Teacher!  inspired by Sarah at Handmade Homeschool, i’ve been working on a mind map of her talk.  but here are a few morsels.

  • children need fewer choices and more guidance.
  • children love to be capable.
  • create routines of helping.
  • children are held by rhythm.
  • mothering demands creativity.
  • reverence and gratitude form the basis of the life of the spirit.

and a note about the crow picture…i took this picture at the beginning of spring, before the trees had leafed out. it’s the view out my window and across the street.  like me, these two had a new baby this spring and spent all summer fattening him up.  now the trees are bare again, and this afternoon i saw the crows sitting together companionably.