one of these things is not like the others

nov 09 015

this is why they suggest labeling things before putting them in the freezer.  i can tell what’s what, but i doubt that anyone else could.

from the top left: strawberries, pork roast, ground beef, Nico’s placenta, and roasted tomatoes!



  1. Oh, Kortney, I had a similar experience this week – I thought I was defrosting strawberries, and it turned out to be roasted chopped bell peppers!

    My mom says to label everything, and then keep a list of contents (with measurements) taped to the freezer. I’m afraid I’m just not that organized – I’m lucky if it gets into the freezer at all!

  2. the funny thing to me is that the placenta is packaged up the best. it’s the oldest thing (almost seven months!), and no freezer burn!

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