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the whole earth…

nov 09 004

…is full of the glory of God.

it’s blustery but warm and dry here.  perfect weather for all of us to head outside and rake leaves.  our neighbors have two, very old trees–a maple and an oak–that keep us shaded and cool all summer long.  and that fill our yard with leaves!  Mabel was more than happy to jump in any pile i made.  she also just lay down in the pile a few times so that i would bury her.  but i can only rake so many leaves with a baby in the front pack.  soon enough it was time for me to move the party up to the deck where i needed to clean and organize the toys a bit before it gets too cold.

Mabel continued playing down in the leaves and Nicolas sat and watched me work.  M took a basket and began collecting leaves.  all the while she was reciting Ursula K LeGuin’s book Cat Dreams:

It’s fun to run.  I love to leap.  But now I think I’ll go to sleep.

Oh, how nice, it’s raining mice!  Oh happy day!  All the dogs have run away!

Kibbles and cream.  What a good dream!

Now I’m climbing a catnip tree clear to the top.

I’m going to stop and have a rest in a bluejay’s nest, and all the birdies will sing to me.

Oh my, oh me!  I’m falling out of the catnip tree!  This isn’t the place I want to be!

I need a lap.  I need her lap.  Her lap is the best, best place for a nap.

I leap on her lap.  I’m sitting on her.  I’m singing my song inside of my fur.

Purr, Purr, Purr, Purr…

the falling brown oak leaves were just right for catching and then chanting the lines “oh how nice! It’s raining mice!”  this girl loves her some poetry.  a few days ago i started quoting some scripture to her.  her ear is so tuned to the rhythms of poems that she could tell i wasn’t just talking to her, i wasn’t just telling her to be kind.  she wanted to know what it was i was saying.  and so this morning, with an eye toward our upcoming holiday, we mostly memorized I Thessalonians 5:18 (in the King James of course.  because if you’re going to bother memorizing it might as well be the King’s English!)

In everything give thanks

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus

concerning you.

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  1. I have wandered over from Tonia’s blog. What a lovely place. I love your post and the thought of your little one reciting poetry and learning scripture. I am a grandmother and I have memorized that very verse as part of my scripture memorization for this year. Isn’t the word amazing. It reaches us no matter where we are – or what age!

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