our year :: a list

happenings…in no particular order

  • i became a La Leche League Leader!  i’ve been taking helping calls for about six months now.  it is so good to have meaningful work that a mama can do.  and really, there’s not much that more meaningful than listening to another mama and helping her find the strength and wisdom inside of her.  here’s a link to an absolutely fabulous post about breastfeeding.
  • walked a labyrinth, heavy with child
  • Nicolas West was born at home with Mabel’s face shining at the edge of the pool.  my favorite time during this labor was walking St Johns as the sun was setting…calling the midwife and Nicki, getting things in place…knowing that soon there would be a baby!
  • got an almost complete set of Growing Without Schooling back issues
  • published three issues of  fieldwork
  • received a painting by Cathy Johnson for my birthday
  • learned so, so much about Reggio and Charlotte Mason
  • attended workshops on creating harmony in the home with Rahima Baldwin, oral history with Kay Reid, childbirth preparation at ICTC, and postpartum depression with Wendy Davis
  • went to the beach twice in Oregon and once in California
  • heard Terry Tempest Williams, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Illinois Doug Tracy and Tony Wolk read their work
  • saw Midsummer Night’s Dream and the opening act of Lear
  • saw the swifts fly three times
  • had wonderful visits from far-flung friends…the Bos family from Bangladesh, Shannon and her family from Missouri, Troy from Paris, Cal and Amanda from Colorado
  • started volunteering at a St Johns food pantry with Mabel.  our family also began supporting Sali (from Mali!) through World Vision
  • found lots of inspiring women…they are each and all smart, committed, holy: Ann at Holy Experience, tonia at study in brown, Melissa at Here in the Bonny Glen, Jamie at Light and Momentary, Elizabeth at In the Heart of My Home
  • celebrated ten years with Andrew John.  my how time flies.  i was thinking back to our tiny one room apartment, our two rooms under a thatched roof in the jungle, our tree rooms in San Diego where our girl was born, and our four rooms here in St Johns.  love.


  1. a nice life…loving and loved…inside and out…far away and close by I wish you more adventures in the new year. mama

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