in a lovely comment way back when, Angela said that homeschooling fosters connection, love, friendship among siblings.  isn’t that an amazing list?  and isn’t that just what we want?  these two really do love each other.  and they share every day.  every day we snuggle on the couch or in bed, reading or talking.  every day we build towers just so Nico can knock them over.

it puts me in mind of a strategy our Uncle Thad uses at the preschool where he works…he calls it love therapy.  whenever a child is having a bad day or just can’t settle down into the day’s routine, Thad gives them extra love, an extra hug, just one more kind word.  instead of meeting the child’s frustration with anger or rigid expectations, they are met with love.  and it changes the children.

the love between these two, the love that they have brought into our house, it’s been like therapy to me.  healing is taking place.  sharing my days with these children is bringing light to these dark winter days.


  1. What a beautiful picture! The joy–and love–is captured on their faces. Your Uncle Thad is a wise man. Everything in life is so simple, really; it all boils down to that one word: Love.

    Love certainly factored into our decision to homeschool our children. I suppose if I analyzed it too deeply, selfishness might be at the very root of it 🙂 …but, I love being with these five so much that I just couldn’t imagine sending them out to spend the best part of their days with strangers who don’t know them, don’t love them, and who might not appreciate their unique qualities. There is no rivalry at our house, I think because everyone IS loved and appreciated for who he/she is.

    And, yes, this love that is kept at the center of our home, it heals me, too.

    Beautiful post!

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