easter tuesday

it’s been raining nearly everyday.

and so when the sky cleared in the middle of the morning and Mabel suggested walking down to the river i said, “Yes!”  that meant a flurry of preparation: stoke the fire, stir the beans, gather snacks and coats and shoes.  i sent Mabel in to get herself some socks.

she returned with socks for all–mama and Mabel and Nicolas.  she even picked out matching argyles for the girls.  sweet one.

then down to the river we went.  the sky was full of birdsong; they were as happy about the sun as we were.  on the riverbank a pair of ducks sat companionable and close.  then a tug came pushing a great big barge.  Mabel called out the letters painted on the side as the barge emerged from behind the bridge pilings.  T-I-D-E-W-A-T-E-R!  (i thought the “E” might give her trouble, and i had no idea she knew “R”)  we waved and clapped.  the barge captain waved and even honked his horn for us.

then back home as rain began to fall.  Nico wanted to nurse, and then promptly fell asleep.  so Mabel and i picked a book and settled in for an early nap ourselves.

a full day, and it’s only noon.

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