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first a couple lovely remembrances

and then a few more quotes…i do believe an entire homeschool curriculum could be developed around her ideas and book lists.  do you know of anyone who is using her book as their framework?

parents teach their children what is valuable by the way they spend their own time.

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the allurement of the screen is no small thing.

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we make time for what we think important.

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we don’t really need to be pushed around by the press of life; we just think we do.

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fill your children up with words, with imaginative worlds, with adventures beyond your ken.

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happy is the home with a parent who says,”let’s look it up!” and helps children to see that a dictionary is a fascinating friend.


  1. Hi, Kort! I saw that you linked to Aslan’s Library and am happy to “meet” one of our readers. 🙂

    I love your Word Made Flesh page and am eager to check out the Celebrating the Church Year with Young Children book that you recommend. I’m always trying to find new ways of integrating liturgy into my home!

  2. thanks for saying hello, Haley!

    i have a feeling that Aslan’s Library is going to become a favorite. such a great name!

    i’ve just updated the Word Made Flesh page…with links to recent Easter thoughts. and i hope to write a bit about celebrating Ordinary Time soon. so do check back!

    you won’t be disappointed with Joan Halmo’s book!

  3. love that first one especially.

    also, we make time for what we think is important. our priorities are revealed by our choices. if we don’t like them, we should change them!

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