Homeschool: a Beginning (Part 3)

This is Part 3 in a series of 3…you can also read Part 1 and Part 2!  Last time, with the help of Susan and Lori, we began to answer to question of how to begin homeschooling.  But, of course, we didn’t really address what’s going to be happening at your place that could be called school.  So here are a few ideas.  These ideas are very local.  (It’s what we’re already doing at our place.)  If you don’t live in Portland, you’ll have to make your own list.  But maybe these few ideas will show you what can be possible.

Homeschooling: A Beginning

Well, now that I said that, the first one isn’t local at all!  Sarah at Handmade Homeschool is a mama and a La Leche League Leader and an artist.  She talks about an idea she calls “anchoring.”  It’s a way to start creating a structure to your days.  It’s not imposing someone else’s to-do list on your family.  It’s starting with something that works (often a meal together) and then adding something new to that thing-that’s-already-working.  Here’s an example: say everyone eats lunch at about the same time.  You might try reading something aloud after everyone settles in for some food. Or maybe the art supplies can come out after the table is cleared.  Let that time gathered at the table anchor the new learning that’s happening.  (Here’s where Sarah writes about anchoring.)

A wonderful woman named Laura gathers a list of free or almost free things happening each month.  There are trips and celebrations, books and animals.  Really something for everyone.  We went to see the painted turtles at Smith and Bybee Lakes this Spring on her suggestion.  With the help of Kim at Homeschooling Events and More we have enjoyed trips to the symphony and ballet.  this year we are looking forward to a few plays at the NW Children’s Theater. The most amazing thing about these experiences is watching people who love their work, people who are full of passion…like the turtle man out on the lakes or the old woman percussionist from the symphony.

But mostly our days happen much closer to home.  Our children are still small, and so nap time and diapers and dinner and trips to the library dominate our learning time.  And that suits me just fine.

We’ve come to the end of my series on homeschooling for beginners…really just a list of ideas that I made on the back of a library due dates receipt after talking to my sister-in-law.  But a couple more links before we’re all the way finished.  A while back the two of us listed our reasons for homeschooling.  As always, i’d love to see your list!