it’s just this one sentence

…from an article about children’s book author and artist, David Macaulay.

“Urging us all to use sketching as a form of thinking, David worked with high school students, history teachers, kids of all ages doing all sorts of things.”

sketching as a form of thinking.  nice, huh?

oh, and this from Lori:

“this is like a meditation — our environment quietly reminds us daily of who we are and who we want to be.”

yes.  indeed.  practice.


  1. this is exactly what i have seen in the classroom, in the studio, and at home .. sketching is a way of thinking, expressing ideas, pondering questions. all artwork can be a way of thinking!

    i’m glad you liked that quote. 🙂 i want to write more about making supportive spaces.


  2. S–i’ve been thinking all week about the conversations that will come when these children are grown…i can’t even really imagine it. how blessed to you to live with such open, creative people!

    L–i know i have experienced this in writing. not knowing what i knew until i started to get it down. but i haven’t experienced it with art. does my (low) skill level get in the way? or my (high) expectations? wondering still.

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