taste + see

did you see it?  past the wires and just over our old green house.

the loverly rainbow after so many days of just rain.  we were on our way out to the grocery.  we barely made it across the street for all the looking.  Mabel called out, God did that!  and then a few minutes later she said, It makes me so happy that i am crying!

after we made it to the store, a salty St Johns character, who was there to recycle cans, chided us, You’re missing the rainbow.  as we turned towards the store, we had turned our back on such wonder!  but we didn’t miss it and we were so glad to find other lookers.


  1. rainbows are always a treasure…we saw a report about all the rain you’ve been having. I used my new coffee grinder today that Trev got me for Christmas and worked in the yard again in outrageously warm weather. I saw a group of hummingbirds darting from hibiscus to hibiscus and on to the cosmos. Daffodils are poking through everywhere!

  2. Rainbows are always a special treat. They don’t always capture well on film, but yours certainly did! Have you ever seen the YouTube video “Double Rainbow”? Whenever I need to brighten my day I watch it 🙂

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