pictures from the jungle

baking cassava by andy and kort

this morning–in all the craziness that is our bookshelves–Mabel found an album of our photos from Suriname.

thought i’d  share the link here…

this is a rather random selection from our days before the digital camera. each picture was taken with our Pentax K1000, hauled by boat and bus to the capital city, printed at Prolasco, and then scanned into flickr at the Peace Corps office.


  1. Sue–

    i can remember feeling how incredible it was that these people lived their lives hidden in the jungle…and even more incredible, that we got to go and share their life.

    and every tiny tribe has a life just as miraculous and unique.

    it’s hard to remember that in our homogenized world.

    another piece of the craziness–missionaries had been to the village where we lived in the 17th century. the people we lived with were Christians. we sang hymns and read the Bible together!

  2. How beautiful! I love that our faith in Christ allows for cultural differences to shine. You can love God wherever you are, just as you are whether you live in an apartment in New York City, or an igloo in the Arctic, or a hut in the rain forest.

    What a blessing your time Suriname must have been.

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