just a note

…to let you know that the two most recent preparing for Advent posts came from the wonderful November edition of Magnificat.  at their website you can order a sample copy for yourself.  i just noticed that they also produce a children’s edition…yes, please.

and one more thing…if you happen to have some eggnog in the fridge and you’re making waffles in the morning, try replacing half of the milk with said nog.  yum.


  1. I *do* have eggnog in my fridge–I think I will make waffles tomorrow :- )

    I subscribe to Magnificat, too! Several years ago I read a book by George Weigel called, _Letter to a Young Catholic_. A the end of the book he recommended Magnificat, and it has been a light and guide to me ever since.

    If I don’t have a chance to pop online again before Thursday, I want to wish you and your beautiful family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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