st george’s day

Saint George and the Dragon

i walked into the kitchen and noticed that Andy had changed the calendar to May.  not bad–only 6 days in.  so i looked up this first Monday to see what celebrations might be afoot.  ah!  St George of Merry England.  we must celebrate indeed.  and for us that means reading books together.  today it was under our very English horse chestnut in the backyard.  while i read, we munched on pumpkin banana bread.  i found a recipe here and used the last of last year’s frozen pumpkin.

of course the fine print on the calendar said that this observance is from the Orthodox tradition.  Butler’s Lives of the Saints said we are to celebrate good George on April 23.  thus continued my always-just-a-little-bit-behind celebrations this year.  will i ever catch up?

sketch Tuesday is tomorrow…you have until 8 pm tonight to get a sketch in!  Mabel has drawn a pink and purple poodle!