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new project space

sept 13 002another big item on the summer to-do list was getting bunk beds for the children.  we kept a look out on craigslist, and eventually found these not too far from home.  i love thinking of the other children who slept in these beds, children now grown.

the new beds opened up quite a bit of floor space and created a tiny nook between the end of the beds and the built in bookshelves.  it was just the right size for the vintage typing table.  with a new stool and clip on light, it became Mabel’s new desk.

but there are two children who live in this room!  Nicolas needed desk space too.  we cleared off the bottom shelf, added another stool and just like that, Nico had a place to do what he calls his “clipboard work.”

sept 13 005Joseph puts the floor to good use, and i even have space to do my project work!  just kidding. folding laundry is not my project!

you can see other workspaces here and here!


  1. love it — those shelves and the photos above where nicolas is working are so great. <3 and tell mabel i have a typewriter table, too! 🙂

    1. i *thought* you might have a typewriter table! i always liked working on the one at my grandma’s house, so when i found this one for $3 i carried it on home with me!

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