in an early Barbara Kingsolver novel (maybe The Bean Trees), the main character often calls a toll free prayer line.  i had to try the number too of course.  and it worked!  for years i would periodically dial up some Bible reading and a prayer.  sadly, it seems the number no longer connects directly to the Lord.

but never fear!  if the Lord won’t answer, we always have Kelly Writers House: 215-746-POEM.  it’s not toll free, but you can call and press 3 and be connected to a recording of a poet reading their work.

today it’s Rae Armantrout reading “Sides.”

not bad for a Friday!  more poems can be found at The Poem Farm.

poetry friday on a saturday


  1. Oh, my daughter and I just read THE BEAN TREES. There really is something about connecting with other ideas through special phone numbers. Thank you for this post. It has me thinking. And Happy Poetry Sunday! Such a lovely blog…

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