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dec 11 089

the other every day tradition we keep during Advent is opening a story book each morning.  i first heard of this idea from Katherine at seamless.  each day of Advent, her children unwrapped a story book, new or from the family collection of Christmas books.  and i admit, it sounded very extravagant to me.  i mean, a book to open every day.  that’s 24 books!  who has that many seasonal books?  and all that wrapping paper!

well.  i was wrong.  like the Playmobil Advent calendar, these gifts that aren’t really gifts do so much to ease the desire and wild push for new stuff at Christmas.  now that we’ve been collecting books for a few years, we have almost 24.  but library books wrap us just as nice.  we use these books to fill our seasonal book basket.  we read books for the saint days at the beginning of the month.  we read a few longer books during the month too, so there’s a neat mix of longer and shorter.

each year it has turned out that a certain book becomes the year’s book–the one we return to again and again with mugs of hot cider or peppermint hot chocolate, cuddled together on the couch.  stories that mark out the season with beauty and light.  i’ll be sharing a few of our favorite books of the season in the coming days.

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  1. Aww, the Winter book. 🙂 That would be an interesting idea. I love Christmas books so and we keep most of them stashed away. Library books to make up the difference is a great idea. I bet my children would love this game.

  2. Am loving all of your advent ideas. I would like to chat with you about a project I am working on, but can not find an email address on your blog. Can you email me at pkbarnhill at gmail dot com please?

    1. hello! sorry i didn’t get to this comment earlier…it went to the spam folder 🙁

      #1 i love your blog title! though we’ve had wall maps forever, we just got a globe. we use it so much.

      #2 you’re from ModPo! love it! so happy to see you in this place! i’m “kortney garrison” on the forums there and @onedeepdrawer (kort) on Twitter. would you mind telling me your user name, so i could find you on the forums?

      #3 love your sidebar of blogs–Ann Voskamp, Barb McCoy–old friends!

      #4 i’d love to hear how the 24 Books idea works with older kids; my younger ones sure like it.

      #5 the Frank O’Hara is hanging over my head. i feel more out of my depth than with the previous two papers. you?

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