our last day!

oct 13 038it’s the last day of October!  what a wonderful month it’s been!  without further ado, the giveaway winners are:

Rachael, i will be sending you Gertud Mueller Nelson’s To Dance with God!

Susan, i will be sending you a set of six holy cards from the Faith Keepers series!

thank you all for entering!  since i wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with entries, i’d like to send you each a copy of my zine.  i’ll be emailing in the next week to get your addresses…or you can email me your contact information.  (you can find my email on the *hello there!* page linked at the top of the page.)

what a surprisingly difficult thing to write on the same topic every day!  i had already been posting nearly every day, but keeping on topic–even one as dear to my heart as Advent–has kept me on my toes.  here are a few observations in case you are considering your own 31 days series:

  • there is a longing for spiritual practices that nourish our families.
  • a posting schedule is a good idea.  i had a list of things i wanted to write about, but i don’t think the series flows together as well as it might.
  • being a part of a link up is fun!  lots of new people come by and other opportunities arise.  it’s been a blessing.  i am interested to see if people keep finding these pages, especially as we near Advent.
  • i really like posting “the bits and pieces of our days.”  without the blog, i didn’t have a place for the silly pictures and book lists and funny kid quotes that make up my day, and i’ve missed that!

and here are links to other women who i have been reading all month long.  your time will be well-spent with them!


kitchen-time-saversthank you all for reading and linking and commenting!  it makes my heart glad!  tomorrow i’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming…and stayed tuned because Pam at Everyday Snapshots has wonderful things  planned for crafting an everyday liturgy.  wonderful, no?  i’m so excited!


    1. the letter carrier just delivered a package! the cloth napkins are perfect for embroidery! thank you so much.

      so we gave him some Halloween candy : )

  1. Totally agree with your thoughts about a special 31 Days series. I’ve really enjoyed writing so much and so often, but I am looking forward to returning to some of the other types of posts that I’ve neglected! (Also desperately needing to give some attention to my household chores, speaking of neglected…)

    Thanks for this series! I’ll be reading back through as we get closer to December!

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