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now we are six

on the fifth of November in 2007, i published my very first blog post.  Mabel was one, and we had just moved up North.  i thought that was a pretty good excuse to start a blog.

celebrating the fifty days of Easter and foreign language, Richard Scarry, and the Pope are my most popular posts ever.

i like these though: from 2008 and 2009 and 2013.

sept 13 092

my mama has left more comments than anyone else…

followed by Susan, Lori, Angela, Tonia, and Brandy.

thanks for reading along with me!  i’m honored that you are here.


  1. Happy birthday! You’ve created a wonderful space here, full of wisdom and insight and rabbit trails I could follow for miles. Thank you for your time and effort.

  2. And I am so proud of all the words and love and thought you have put into these entries. I only wish more people knew they were here. But I am also honored to be among the chosen few who are blessed and enriched by what you so ably share.

  3. I’ve been at it since November 2007. A good year to start a blog. 😉 Glad to have found you and your encouragement through Susan. Now, to read your links.

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