GWS :: thirteen

oct 13 097

one of the most deep-rooted of the causes of our problems is the way we treat children, and above all babies.  I am equally convinced that no program of social and political change that does not include and begin with changes in the ways in which we bear and raise children has any chance of making things better.

–John Holt in Growing Without Schooling Issue 13

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    1. That is one cute boy! ♥
      I am loving all of these GWS posts. I subscribed to GWS years ago when my young men were wee little. : ) This quote is particularly meaningful. The way we birth babies, and care for children, the sick, and the elderly is rooted in how our society values life.

      1. my collection of GWS came from a homeschooling mama in Boston…via ebay : ) i used to read it before i was married or had children. i don’t think things have gotten any better in the 30+ years since Holt wrote this…obviously.

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