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learning all the time :: 3 january 2014

jan 10 014

if you’ve been reading here long at all, you know that i love Julie at Brave Writer.  even though our oldest child is only seven, we have used Julie’s Jot It Down methods with great success.  yesterday she posted a wonderful piece about delight-directed teachers.

what if we as homeschool mamas were happy?  what if we followed our own delight?  where would it lead us?  could we trust that we could teach the essentials while following our bliss?  Julie mentions the shift that happened for her when she started lighting a candle over the sink as she did the dinner dishes.  what small markers of beauty and intention might we add to our routines and rhythms this new year?  what kind of example would we set for our children if we listened to our inner voice?

every household would be different; no standardization here!  in our house delight-directed studies would include art history and drawing practice and the church year and stories and Shakespeare and birds.

speaking of birds….following Lyanda’s instructions in Rare Encounters with Everyday Birds, both Mental Multivitamin and Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight have posted about their birds of the year.  what kind of year might i have if i gave it wings?


    1. i was thinking as i wrote it about the wonderful, personalized education our children receive from us: your kids get an education in caring for animals, Brandy’s children earn + live in the outdoors, Pam’s kids get organization + tech knowledge. we get stories a plenty here. each one giving what delights her!

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