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very early on Growing Without Schooling took on a format that would always mark it.  before the internet or email or listservs, GWS published a directory of subscribers and other friends of unschooling.  the magazine also provided a forum for unschoolers to tell stories of exceptional resources, inspirational reads, questions that had come up as they lived their lives with their children.  John Holt would sometimes respond, but as often, another unschooling parent or child would respond in a later issue.  for some reason it’s only just occurred to me to include these other voices in the series of quotes!

It came to me recently that we are no longer home-schoolers, but unschoolers….

we are not trying to duplicate a school education…

we are interested in finding significance in our lives each day, in setting goals and working toward them, in developing ways to live responsibly in our world.

–Rosalie Megli in Growing Without Schooling Issue #15

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