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Sarah from Handmade Homeschool shared an amazing resource that was new to me.  have you heard of Songza?  i just love the opening page.  it offers music for the time of day and the feeling that you want to inspire.  it’s Friday morning…do you want music for waking happy or gently or with energy or confidence?  then after this broad category, there are different streams to choose: pop, indie, rock.  and then there are playlists to choose.  it’s similar to Pandora before Pandora got all commercial.  except it’s so much better!  certainly my musical tastes are not very wide, but i’ve never had much luck at Pandora.

i know people get very attached to the way they listen to music on the internet.  if you like Pandora or really prefer Spotify, you probably aren’t looking for a change.  but for those among us still unaffiliated, i am loving listening to what comes up at Songza.  we had a wonderful afternoon listening to “Songs to Raise Your Kids To” on Joseph’s birthday, that we found while browsing in the genre section.  go listen!

and i would be remiss if i didn’t mention the local classical station.  this is usually what we are listening to on any given day during school.  it’s a bit too orchestral and waltz-y for my tastes.  but sometimes a lush. over the top waltz is just what we need around here.  it makes me beyond happy that this is a regular, old radio station.  it’s our station.  but *you* can listen right along with us!


  1. Looks neat to me, though I’m not sure I’d create another online profile, you know? I wish I could see all the songs in that playlist. I see Bob Dylan, so that reassures me. 😉 Mike told me we should write our own homeschool curriculum where you learn using the songs of Bob, Woody and Pete (Seeger). Roan is a big Weavers fan and I learned a lot about American history from Bob.

    1. Okay, loving the playlist so far. 🙂 These are the songs I was raised to, or found as a young adult. Mike and I used to listen to an oldies station every day when we worked away from our town.

      1. i haven’t signed up at Songza yet….just listening along so far. glad you like it too! and we would certainly sign p for the B/W/P course!

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