pride + prejudice everywhere i look


i’ve been listening to Pride and Prejudice for a few weeks now as i make dinner.  a chapter or two every evening, nice and slow.

we’ve also watched the first three episodes of the 1995 mini series…and of course this has the children playing Lizzie and Grumpy Darcy.

this weekend we also came across these photographs from a family production of P+P that included a marriage proposal.

all in all a happy addition to the Respite!


  1. I just finished listening to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell….it’s got definite shades of Pride and Prejudice. It’s also got a terrific miniseries that I’m anxious to watch again (for the third time.) P&P never gets old, does it?

    1. this is my first time reading it!

      i was reading/listening like crazy because the plot just went crazy: Darcy at Pemberley, Lydia disgraced, Mr Collins sending that letter, Wickham agrees to marry Lydia.  HAD to keep reading! two chapters left this morning!

      peace keep you this day.


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