50 days of Easter :: the original post

this is the original list that i made to help me remember simple, commonplace ways to bring Easter joy into our house.  i’ll be using it as a template throughout our journey through the 50 days of Easter.  i’d love to hear how you and your family are celebrating.

say YES!

keep it simple

  • light a candle and share a pot of tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • set the table with a pretty tablecloth even though it will get dirty
  • put an extra dollop of sour cream on the beans and rice
  • practice the pascal greeting in another language
  • read just one more story
  • breastfeed!

be merciful

  • clean up their mess
  • come alongside and join the children in their work
  • revel in the mess of blanket forts and art supplies and muddy shoes
  • let mercy start with you.  you have 50 days.  make a new beginning.


  • listen to music
  • make music
  • let music lighten the mood and ease the transitions

let joy be your strength

take time

  • collect your child with your gaze
  • be fast, but never hurry (thanks, John Wooden!)
  • take a nap together; cuddle

bring in the green

  • sprout something
  • collect fresh flowers–oh lilacs!
  • tend the garden

don’t let perfectionism (fear, really) dictate what your days look like


remember to let the common spill into the holy

  • bathtime recalls our baptism
  • meals together recall the eucharist
  • practice the laying on of hands with tickles, wrestling, back rubs, and hair brushing