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planning from rest :: planning for rest

july 13 119a few weeks ago Pam, who blogs at Everyday Snapshots and also designed Sarah’s new book, posted a collection of links that she had found helpful as she looked ahead to another school year.  i found the list helpful too!  Pam has also designed free planning sheets and a beautiful list of intentions or short prayers from Sarah’s book.  lovely + encouraging!

as i was thinking about bringing rest to homeschool planning, i remembered this wonderful post from Lavender’s Blue Homeschool.  she says that the place to start in all our planning is not with our ideals and philosophy.  the place to start is with the child that’s in front of us.  what does this child need right now?  what sort of schedule would support this child in her work?  are there other published resources that might help?  what sort of mentoring or example do i need to set?

remembering the child, honoring the child before the philosophy will bring peace.