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three on a friday

8127907289_7cb5dec1bf_ba few weeks ago i mentioned how Mystie’s post on not-word-perfect memorization had thrown lights on for our memory work together.  only this week did i think to apply the same grace to my own private memory work. i’ve had these lovely little blue moleskines, but they had lain quiet in the drawer because my memory had stalled out.  well, no more!  i have added a few new verses to work on and i really like just having the tiny journals near to hand throughout the day.

i also printed out a heart-pocket gratitude list and the two have been fine company.  here’s a tutorial about folding the paper into a perfect little journal.

Mystie’s also posted about her homeschool scheduling for this last year.  they would school for 6 weeks and then take a week off.  they also took off more time in December and June.  it put me in mind of just how well our unique scheduling worked this year.  we totally changed up what we studied for Advent + Lent.  instead of our medieval history studies being the spine, we worked on Jesse Tree/Jesus Tree activities + readings.  it was a good change, and it made us eager to return to a “more academic” focus.  i’ll write more about the specifics again i think!