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what wonders do you have planned for yourself during these long, sunny days?  here’s my list:

Julie at Brave Writer has a new book aiming to help you “sustain your homeschooling commitment.” it’s coming out next week!

also next week, Brandy at Half-a-Hundred-Acre Wood is having a new baby and starting a book club reading The Core by Leigh Bortins.  it will be hosted on the forums over at goodreads, so i am excited to meet some new mama-readers over there!

The Motherhood + Jane Austen book club continues with Persuasion...what i would have called my favorite Jane Austin.  will the title stand?

and there’s ICAD of course! that’s a bit of art every day on an index card.  try it!  you’ll like it.

and Lori the Amazing from Project Based Homeschooling is teaching a free series of classes this summer.  the first one is about the journaling habit and begins next week!

what are *you* working on?



  1. yay! thanks for sharing my free classes. 🙂

    this summer is full of fun stuff for me. i’m teaching a lot of classes, which i love. and i’m trying to finish my new book. in-between writing sessions i’m puttering in the garden and hiking with the boys. 🙂

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