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IMG_1998:: can you see Jojo’s tiny footprints in the newly turned soil? ::

this week i came across a most wonderful midsummer adventure–a poetry writing MOOC made by the folks at the Iowa Writers Workshop.  i found the course a few days late and have been catching up this week.  it’s been an extra treat to run across ModPo people in the forums and get a chance to read their poems.  each week there are two videos by established poets sharing a bit of their process or other ideas, then an assignment to write a poem using the poet’s ideas and prompts.  the videos alone are worth your time if you crave good words and the chance to listen to people deeply involved in the lifetime process of confronting the page.

i also listened to the introductory recording from a Gerard Manley Hopkins retreat produced by Pray-As-You-Go.  i love the idea of employing lectio divina on something other than scripture.  when i hear people doing close readings of poems, i think that’s what theology should be–a deep wrestling with all the places of consonance and assonance in the text.  this retreat is theologians using poetry.  i am certainly going to keep on listening.

finally, i saw the title of a book, haven’t actually laid eyes on the book itself!  it’s called Praying in Color.  basically doodling or zentangling while praying.  i am very interested in this practice as coloring has become such a powerful way for us to reflect and meditate.  it’s coming via interlibrary loan!

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