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IMG_2262-MOTION                          :: cooperative drawing with new Draw Write Now books ::

we’re beginning our first year with two students!  of course Nicolas has been learning right along with us for a few years now. and even though we’ve waited to introduce formal lessons, he can already read beginner books.  declaring this his kinder year really just means that i will be a bit more focused, strewing his path with good things.

each week we’ll focus on a letter of the alphabet a la Elizabeth’s lovely plans in Along the Alphabet Path.  we’ll read an ABC of storybooks by the author or illustrator’s name, study a saint and make a letter-themed snack using the free resources at All About Reading.

i’ve been wanting a way to organize + keep track of the storybooks that we are reading…so much harder than tracking chapter book read alouds.  i didn’t like mixing the titles into my goodreads list and i didn’t like signing in + out to keep a separate list.  so i’ve started gathering them at Pinterest.

go take a look at what i’ve got planned so far!


  1. always keeping my eyes and ears open for recommendations that seem like we might like them…all of the books so far are just library books.

    we are very blessed with an excellent library system! i think i have 135 books out right now. you know, keeping it simple ; )

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