saints among the animals

as part of Nico’s kindergarten year, we are reading storybooks and studying saints–one for each letter of the alphabet.  it’s been more difficult than i expected to find saint stories for each letter.  and then there’s the problem (!) of the regular cycle of saint day celebrations.  where do they fit in our studies?  already this week we’ve celebrated St Michael defeating the dragon and St Jerome taming the lion.  on Saturday St Francis will bless all the animals.  today we read the story of the lion with a thorn in his paw from a book called Saints Among the Animals by Cynthia Zarin.

Mabel also read aloud to all of us from Fox and Crow are Not Friends by Melissa WIley.  i love the Mama Bear character of course, and the twists in the story always surprise and delight me!  in today’s reading when Fox + Crow weren’t quite as sly or as smart as Mama Bear, Nicolas added that he didn’t think Mama Bear was as sly and smart as Odysseus!  maybe not, but it was still a happy addition to our morning of books!

IMG_2290this is Mabel’s fox made with inspiration + direction from

the Nature Pals workshop at Creativebug.

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