just one thing

oct 12 094

whenever we open the door to change it can feel like everything is up in the air.  if one thing is negotiable, then anything could be!  when you start listening with the ears of the heart, when you start making space for your own voice, it might feel a bit overwhelming.  it might seem like so much needs to change.

seven years ago when Mabel was tiny, a wise La Leche League mama listened to my toddler weaning woes.  the baby was still waking so often at night, and i really needed to get some rest.  what was i going to do?  she smiled and said, “What if you just changed one thing?”  i stopped + leaned in to listen for more.  “Changing one thing often changes the dynamics of a situation.  Try changing just one thing–an easy thing–and then see where you are and how you feel.”

so.  that’s today’s wise advice for you!  as you click around other 31 days series + as my intuitive homeschooling advice unfolds throughout the month, focus your attention on one thing.  one practice that might change the energy + feel of your homeschool. one thing that might add a little grace.  one thing that might bring joy to your days together.



  1. This series has blessed my being already and it’s only four days in. Thank you for taking the time to think and write these blog posts. They are simple yet profound.

    1. thanks for taking the time to say so! you brightened my day. i’m looking forward to how the month will unfold.

      peace keep you.

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