plan…to plan

nov 10 017

using your intuition and the motion of the spirit to ground your homeschool is going to take time–a dedicated place in your schedule where you can brainstorm, journal, draw, take a walk, or just sit + ponder the best course for the coming days.

until recently i have been hesitant to block out teacher planning time.  i can make a few copies + put books on hold anytime, right?  but in the push of life, things that can happen anytime often don’t happen at all.  having dedicated time to plan (books to read, resources to track down, meals to eat) has meant that i am more ready to meet the day-to-day challenges.  it has also sent a powerful message about the importance of the work i do.  yes, learning happens all the time.  yes, we just happen upon deeper, more interesting connections that i never could have planned.  but our learning is also something that i intentionally make a space for.

we settled into a sweet end of summer rhythm.  each Saturday morning, Andy would walk with the children down to the farmer’s market.  they would listen to some music, have a snack, and pick up our CSA.  then they would pick up our library books + head home.  they would be gone just over an hour, so that meant i needed to use my time well.  but if i got busy, i had plenty of time to get a better sense of what our coming week would hold, and i usually had time to draw as well!  as the seasons shift, we’ll have to come up with a different plan.  but now that i’ve seen how helpful it is for me to do a weekly review, it’s time that i want to make space for.


one more day to enter the giveaway…i’ll be putting the poetry zine together today!