Just in Time for Lent: A New Blog!

I am horrible with secrets.  It’s not that I can’t keep them.  It’s that I can’t really think about anything else but keeping them.  And I’ve been keeping a secret from you, dear reader.  I’ve been working on setting up a new blog.

Actually, there are bigger changes afoot.  I am beginning work as a virtual assistant–helping bloggers and other creatives with day-to-day tasks so that they can concentrate on other things.  I’ve been very happy with my home here at WP.com.  But as I launch this new venture, I need a blog home that looks a touch more professional.

bullet journal

At the beginning of the year, I entered a contest hosted by Tanya from Blogelina for a new blog design…and won!  The new design should be up by the beginning of February.  I wanted to tell you about it now though so I can think about something other than *not* telling you!  As I work on set-up, I am learning new things every day.  There is really nothing that I like more than learning.  It’s amazing all the little things that WP.com took care of behind the scenes.  I’ve been working to get the words and images here set up over there.  (Don’t you love my highly technical language?!)  I was happily surprised that I could also move my original blogger site there too.  So now my archives go all the way back to November 2007!

There won’t really be much of a change for you as a reader.  Things will look different, but I’ll still be writing about all the same things: books + homeschooling + the church year.  After the new site launches, I’d love to hear your impressions…things that are hard to find or things that you miss.  I have a feeling I’ll be tweaking things for a while.

And be in touch if you need a virtual assistant!

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