Add in Treats

Do you know Alfie Kohn?  Punished by Rewards?   I’m not a fan.  While I do agree that carrots are often just a friendlier version of a stick, I think rewards or treats have their place in creating a life marked by ease and grace.  It’s usually not helpful to reward myself for a good homeschooling day by having another beer.  But it’s altogether life-giving to have a treat–something that I really like at just the right time.  It’s a way of honoring what I notice, enjoying what I love, making a tiny bit of space for me in the daily round.

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Here’s my list.  I hope to keep adding to it!

  • Practice hand lettering.
  • Do a bit of embroidery.
  • Or gluebooking!
  • Walk outside
  • Diffuse essential oils.  Blood orange or Lavender and Peppermint.
  • A fresh bar of oatmeal soap.
  • Organize the Playmobil.  All the swords in the sword spot!
  • Sharpen pencils.
  • Read before bed.  These moments especially seem stolen.
  • Read a poem.  Rich language and images you can tuck in your pocket.
  • Draw.
  • Watch Alma Stoller videos.
  • Remember the Sabbath.
  • Read blogs…and click through to comment!
  • Listen to Pray-As-You-Go.
  • Make a homemade pumpkin spice latte
  • Put clean sheets on the bed.
  • Freshen the learning spaces.
  • Clear the decks.

Even though some of these things are downright chore-ish, I like them.  Or I like having done them.  I like making the space come alive with the possible.

The trick with treats is the actually enjoy them, to stop and savor.  To remember what went right and celebrate it.  I challenge you to make your own.  It’s pretty hard actually!  But I’d love to see what you come up with!

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