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The Nature Table

Exploring Nature with ChildrenJust this last week we set up a nature table again.  We take regular trompts out and about and end up with pockets full of treasures.  But we also have a little one who still puts things in his mouth.  So, for the past few years, the treasures have lived on the front porch.

I cleared off the top of the small bookshelf that holds all of our American history books and brought out a collection of shells and seed pods to get us started.  Already we’ve added camillas, the first violets, and a skeleton leaf.  I can’t wait to see what else will be added as the season progresses!

The inspiration for trying a nature table again came from Lynn Seddon’s excellent book Exploring Nature with Children.  You can find out more about what’s included over at The Curriculum Choice.  There’s even a discount code!

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