Wednesdays (with Words)

At my best I am simply a faithful companion, watching for the wholeness embedded deep within their fear and confusion…


My work is to be good company, to allow them to lean for a time on my unshakable belief in their inner fire.  Even on the good days I can’t do more than this.  Then slowly, in their own time, they begin to feel and taste the possibility of this wholeness.

–Wayne Muller in Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives  He’s talking about his work as a therapist, but I think it’s a pretty fair description of my homeschooling work as well!

Wednesday with Words


  1. This makes me think of what one Ambleside training course often repeats, “It is good to be me here with you.” I struggle with just being present and feeling that I am doing “enough”. In the end, our presence does more than we can grasp and and gives others the strength to be who they are. This is a fabulous quote!

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