Summer Settle

We just wrapped up our last week of school with a trip…to Taco Bell!  We do it up right around here!  We actually took the bus to a new park, then walked to the copy shop to have the year’s work bound into a book for each child, and then went to Taco Bell for #TacoBellDrawingClub.  Burritos and tacos and unlimited drink refills and plenty of index cards to draw on.


This week, AP has still been at school for a good chunk of the day, so we haven’t yet settled into our Summer.  Our reliable rhythm or reading aloud is still holding us.  But there are hints and whispers of the next thing.  Summer’s going to be good.

There will be lots of Shakespeare.  I want to see The Tempest and Hamlet, and the kids are angling for both Twelfth Night and Taming of the Shrew.  I don’t know if we’ll make it to both.  It will probably depend on the weather or some other mundane thing–skipping a play on the hottest day.

We are knee deep in Haven and loving it!  We’ll be taking the companion guide with us when we go on vacation.  Too many cute coloring pages to skip!  (It’s available for $5 this week only!)

The kids have started a new summer read with Andy too–Swiss Family Robinson.  And we are listening to Pigeon Post from the Swallows and Amazon series on audio.  It is so nice to settle back into a story whose characters are so utterly familiar.  In the first page, Roger was already eating chocolate and that got all of us smiling.

We’re following Cindy’s advice and are reading across the U.S.  We are reading a story set in each state and then coloring in our map.  We’ll also Read Around the World later month.


  1. Love the idea of reading around the US and around the world. Are you going to share some of your favorites in a book list (hint, hint… 😉 )Let me know when you are going to the Shakespeare in the park. We would love to join you for a picnic!

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