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End of Year Books

These are the notebooks that we got bound on our year end adventure.  They contain all of the worksheets and paper art that isn’t in sketchbooks.

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The children are so proud of their work!  They sit on the couch and page through the books–discussing, remembering, even working on a few not-quite-finished things.

Throughout the year, we do individual worksheets on clipboards.  Ideally, I would swap out finished sheets for new ones every week or so.  But in reality, I only swapped them out twice during the year, moving the pile to an accordion folder.  It was very easy to grab the language arts, math, and art pages for each book.  We used a color copy of some of their Jesse Tree coloring as the front cover.

Like many good things, this idea came from Sarah Mackenzie.  She interviewed her kids about their favorite parts of the school year and then added a pretty portrait.  Our notebooks are more simple, but perfect for us.  It feels right to honor all the work that these kids did during the year.

And yes, that’s R2-D2 in the window above us!  We spotted him and had to sneak into this yard to get a picture with him.


  1. Wow! A whole year’s worth of work by three of the best students I know! I hope you bring them to our pre-Christmas get away so I can see every thing. The notebooks make great keepsakes and reminders of all you have accomplished.

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